The Bitch Seat: Therapy for your misspent youth.

In this interview-style, live talk show, host Lyssa Mandel (& co-host/boyfriend Phil Casale) invites guests to present poignant/painful creations from their adolescence on stage (poetry, drawings, songs, sketches, videos...Wicca boxes...) and follows with engaging questions that cut to the heart of how all our childhood pain is the same. And it's funny. Think of it as Judy Blume meets Dr. Phil. Raucous laughter and redemption ensue. Free Gushers to chase down the pubescent demons.

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NEXT LIVE SHOW (& podcast recording!):
Wednedsay, 10/16 at 9pm at Q.E.D. Astoria (Queens, NYC)


Featuring the adolescent treasures and stories of…



  • MILANA VAYNTRUB (Marvel's Squirrel Girl; This Is Us; AT&T) and her angst-istential art

  • MARA WILSON (Matilda, BoJack Horseman) and her high school show choir dress

  • ELNA BAKER (This American Life) and her diaries on body image

  • The Catholic high school religion journal of LAURIE KILMARTIN (Conan)

  • Dark high school poetry from KAREN KILGARIFF (Mr. Show; The Pete Holmes Show)

  • Drawings upon drawings of muscly dudes from DAVID EBERT (Master of None; MTV's Joking Off)

  • The basketball days of author/speaker ROB BELL (The Robcast; Love Wins)

  • High School mascot realness & yearbook bragging rights from BARON VAUGHN (Grace and Frankie)

  • Original teenage raps about nuts from comedian ZACH SHERWIN (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend; Totally Biased; The Pete Holmes Show)

  • A handmade clay puppet from writer/comedian KEVIN AVERY (Last Week Tonight)

  • Moody high school travel journaling from comedian BROOKE VAN POPPELEN (Hack My Life)

  • The epic sticker collection of comedian APARNA NANCHERLA (Totally Biased, Conan)

  • A can of soup & a story from writer/comedian JOSH GONDELMAN (Last Week Tonight; Billy on the Street)

  • Voluptuous superhero drawings by comedian MATTEO LANE (MTV2's Guy Code & Joking Off)

  • Original high school choreography from comedian JO FIRESTONE (Punderdome 3000)

  • An original song about kangaroos from the summer camp days of comedian MYQ KAPLAN (Conan, Letterman, Last Comic Standing finalist)

  • Broadway-worthy Bar Mitzvah footage from comedian SETH HERZOG (Jimmy Fallon)

  • Some very magical drawings from comedian JULIO TORRES (Just For Laughs)

  • Dawson's Creek/N*Sync mashup fan fiction from writer GABY DUNN (New York Times Magazine, Salon, Slate, Buzzfeed)

The Bitch Seat at NY Comic Con's Super Week 2015

The Bitch Seat at NY Comic Con's Super Week 2015